De Japanse leraren Kohrogi Sensei en Champaka Yoshie over Ito Thermie en Natsukashi.


Kohrogi Sensei: “The Japanese word “Natsukashii” is used when you come back to your hometown after a long time. Or when you meet someone again after a a long time. Then certain feelings and sentiment of remembrance arise in you. This is called “Natsukashii”. But in this case, with the word “Natsukashii” I would like to express something deeper then this. It is about coming back home to your original self, remembering a trusting and innocent space. From this space healing of body, mind and soul can naturally happen.” (Nederlandse vertaling)


Tijdens een comfortabele Ito Thermie behandeling kan je deze ruimte in jezelf ervaren.


Champaka Yoshie: “One important reason why we develop sickness, is that many of us have forgotten the art of relaxing deeply and are disconnected from our true self. We are always running. Even in a healing session we are used to thinking the same way, how to achieve the goal of healing as quick as possible. Being still and resting in silence – a feminine quality in us – has been neglected. Then tensions keep on accumulating in the body/mind. For a while the body can deal with it, but when it gets too much slowly sickness starts manifesting.”(Nederlandse vertaling)

Ito Thermie therapie geeft toegang tot een diepgaande ontspanning en verstilling.

Kohrogi Sensei en Champaka Yoshie